Relationship Counseling

Throughout life, relationships of all kinds can usher the replaying of unseen attachment patterns and hurts, causing certain relationships to have strife and confusion. Whether you’re single and dating, partnered and stuck, or unsure with family or friends, you might notice similar themes that do not serve you:

  • Certain close people can trigger you feeling reactive, upset, and confused how to respond.
  • You want to feel close but aren’t sure about trusting or being vulnerable.
  • You want to speak your needs and boundaries but aren’t sure how.
  • Conflict, criticism or “doing wrong” trigger shame for you.
  • You’re starting to wonder whether who you choose for these important roles is best for you.

Partnered or married, in couples counseling or not

Exploring and gaining ownership over your attachment and relationship patterns can bring immense new peace to a partnership. When you learn the ways you are in relationship and why, you can predict the hard places better and practice new steps to approach yourself and your partner with loving attunement and mutually serving each others’ needs.

Countless individual clients talk with me about their romantic relationship to uncover their individual needs and unconscious reactions. Many couples counselors encourage partners to seek individual therapy to help expedite progress through increasing understanding and self-awareness for both parties. I do not offer couples therapy in my practice but can offer referrals to a client. Change the dynamic for the better: work with me to learn about yourself in a safe, unbiased space, letting you then approach your partner and self with more understanding and compassion.

Single in the city

Are you one of Denver’s thousands of professional singles? Understanding your attachment patterns is tough enough solo, but lack of understanding or even judgements from partnered friends and family can be inun-dating. And if you are currently dating, you know what a jungle it is especially in the online dating world. Get support from someone who gets it:

Each week I help clients talk through their relationship and family histories, their values and needs, and often any recent dating scenarios, to process what hurts and what helps in singledom and dating. Find more empowerment and pride in who you are by talking out the stuck places and going for what you want.

Family connections

Some family members and dynamics can yield difficult relationships. Even well into adulthood, you might still feel the impacts from childhood family or parental hurts and want relief. As an adult, you probably seek to learn how to balance certain relationships in your levels of closeness and boundaries.

Let’s talk about what best serves you and how to differently approach family to improve your wellbeing. My primary speciality is helping authentic, deep-feeling professionals & millennials heal from:

  • Developmental (childhood) trauma
  • Emotional neglect
  • Adult child of parent with mental health concern(s):
    • i.e., Borderline Personality Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Alcoholism/Alcohol Dependency, Bipolar I Disorder, Depressive disorders, etc.


Friendships crucially shape our daily lives and interpersonal support and are equally useful to process in therapy. You can learn a lot from friendships about your attachment style, your past, and where it’s hard to determine your needs or vulnerability level. You might be reflecting on: the depths of your friendships; whether you “burden” friends with your emotions; why you keep or wish to disconnect from certain friends; whether your needs get met in a friendship; possible social anxiety; fears of the ebb and flow of the number of friends; etc.

Know yourself better through friendship in order to fine-tune your support network and get more of what you need.