Grief & Loss Counseling

Loss is one of the hardest life truths we face. Losing a loved one or something else precious can feel like life stops for you but continues for friends or family who either are handling their own unique grief or soon stop checking in.

Grief can be immediate impact or re-/arise years after, especially if you weren’t able to mourn at the start. Grief can be anticipating the death of a loved one or receiving a life-changing diagnosis. Grief can also be complicated, which isn’t always said. With the number of complex relationships in families and lives, not every death is straight forward; your bereavement might be needing honesty about ill feelings toward the person before or since their loss. Having a sacred space to come to with your grief is healing.

You might be experiencing:

  • Sadness and tears, anger, betrayal, emptiness, guilt, numbness, complex mixture of emotions
  • Loneliness, isolation
  • Feeling that friends or family can’t relate or support you fully
  • Difficulty making decisions, distracted
  • Feeling unable to function in your typical work and social life
  • Confusion about why you are “still” sad
  • A lovely fuller list is here

I believe much of grief work is allowing your emotions to be present and release while also learning new ways to support this unique experience through connection, ritual, and remembering. In therapy I aim to hold space for you so that whatever arises is not judged, and all aspects of yourself and your loved one can be honored.