Mindfulness & Yoga

I have more than 14 years experience in mindfulness & meditative practices and Hatha yoga, starting with training in Buddhist meditation and 10 years a yoga teacher.

Incorporating these practices into daily life creates an immensely wider space for joy, equanimity, peace, non-judgement, and riding the waves of emotions, thoughts, and change. I bring mindfulness’s secular, clinical practices to my clients after countless years of trainings (MBSR, ACT, SE) and with field’s decades of psychology research demonstrating mindfulness’s power in positive psychological change and support.


My favorite method of integrating yoga with psychotherapy is via a therapeutic group I piloted back at University of Michigan nearly a decade ago. Group members spend half the time with traditional talk therapy sharing and education on mindfulness approaches for thoughts PLUS the other half exploring the yoga poses that most benefit your personal somatic experience of anxiety, like a mini all-levels yoga class.

Absolutely all yoga experience levels and all bodies are welcome to attend the confidential 6-week group. My intention is always to teach a trauma-informed, decolonized approach to yoga that is inclusive to all identities and life experiences.

NEW GROUPS COMING SOON! Please contact Brittany for details.