Therapy Specialties

Wellness Retreats Corporate Retreats Mental Health

Work Retreats & Trainings

I have spent years of my career offering customized workplace trainings and corporate retreats on critical wellness & mental health topics. My mission is for your group or team to glean real-world skills to better serve their work and their well-being. I am an engaging and interactive presenter who has spoken at conferences around the … Continue reading Work Retreats & Trainings

anxiety trauma counseling denver therapy

Anxiety & Trauma Counseling

ANXIETY is a natural occurrence that literally everyone feels. Yet when those momentary anxious moments expand to broader days, more hours, and intense thoughts and physical sensations, learning the skills to live alongside your worry is a relief. You might notice:– racing thoughts, difficulty breathing, continued worrying, restlessness, thinking you aren’t doing or are enough, … Continue reading Anxiety & Trauma Counseling

Grief Loss Counseling Therapy Denver Bouffard

Grief & Loss Counseling

Loss is one of the hardest life truths we face. Losing a loved one or something else precious can feel like life stops for you but continues for friends or family who either are handling their own unique grief or soon stop checking in. Grief can be immediate impact or re-/arise years after, especially if … Continue reading Grief & Loss Counseling

denver eating disorder therapy body image

Eating & Body Image Counseling

Your unprocessed hidden emotional pain can lead to disordered eating and negative body image. You want to dive deeper into the meaning of your eating/body concerns and understand the connections from where they stem: developmental trauma, emotional abuse, family dysfunction, impactful messages, etc. While we discover and heal the deeper parts, we’ll also review new … Continue reading Eating & Body Image Counseling

Brittany Bouffard yoga therapy

Mindfulness & Yoga

I have more than 14 years experience in mindfulness & meditative practices and Hatha yoga, starting with training in Buddhist meditation and 10 years a yoga teacher. Incorporating these practices into daily life creates an immensely wider space for joy, equanimity, peace, non-judgement, and riding the waves of emotions, thoughts, and change. I bring mindfulness’s … Continue reading Mindfulness & Yoga