Radical Self Care for Professionals and Millennials:

A guided reflection to your deeper relationship with

Lotus Brittany Bouffard Denver Therapy

Radical Self Care builds on The Basics of Self Care (thirst, emotions, etc) to create a holistically in-tuned connection with yourself where unmet needs and the autopilot of daily life can be attended to in order to expand your life.

Follow the below reflection multiple times a week: scan the themes and their questions for ideas of where and how your depths would benefit from more support, time, and care. If a theme has you pause, then pause, and consider how it or something similar is impacting your day, week, or even greater life. True, radical self care requires checking in with the themes of:

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Self-Care for Professionals & Millennials – The Basics

Self-care gets tossed around a lot. But it doesn’t mean painting your nails. I think self-care has two levels of exploration necessary to actually do the term– and yourself– justice:

1 – Foundational, the basics: checking in, meeting basic needs
2 – Radical, the depths: what stands in the way of your needs being met, are you in a good system that allows for your care, asking yourself why it’s tough to meet those basic needs

So I made us an infographic of The Basics to start!

Self-Care Infographic for Work and Millennials