The Empath + Introvert Guide to Covid-19 Video/Talk Fatigue

Introvert/HSP/Empath: Save your energy during talks & video.

A lot of us, especially empaths/introverts/HSPs, are feeling inundated during Covid-19 by the new primary ways to interact being video, Zoom, FaceTime, and the like. Generally empaths love an in-person, good talk with a close friend, but Covid-19 has taken that away, causing increased loneliness while ironically often a simultaneous desire to run away from screens and phones! Continue reading

Is Your Mental Health Affected by Coronavirus/COVID-19? How to Manage the Anxiety, Uncertainty, and Stress

Coronavirus/COVID-19 has impacted the world and your daily life. Here are ideas to find your calm- and still do what you need to:

Acknowledging the impact and variable anxiety levels caused by the coronavirus/COVID-19 that our society and world feels now is crucial. Crucial to remaining level-headed, emotionally-psychologically well, and inspiring introspection during uncertain times. Pandemic and health warnings come new to most of us and immediately become very personal:

  • worries about how your family and children will be affected;
  • stress taking work or university online;
  • health and travel concerns about aging or ailing parents;
  • life events changed or canceled;
  • fears of isolation or preparedness

Here are ways you can support your mental health and wellbeing: Continue reading